Welcome to my page, I am hoping you will enjoy my handcrafted products. These products are made of all natural ingredents made from the highest quality oils on the market.

My husband uses it on his hands, he works out in the elements and his hands become very rough to the point of cracking and bleeding. the sugar scrubs have done wonders for his skin, he also has oily/acne prone skin, i cant tell you the difference these handcrafted soaps and Sugar scrubs have made. he now will not use a store bought soap. His skin has cleared up and oh what a difference. Our oldest grandson has dry skin and acne the sugar scrubs have redused the problem so much that he is no longer ashame to be out in public.( I never relized the actual impact acne makes on ones life until i witness my grandchild go through the problem.)  A friends husband suffers from eczema skin, when using my products these seen to disappear. he was very skepital at first but one use and he decided it was worth trying. last but not least. if you like a beatiful tan, then you truly should try the products. I love to tan as much as the next person, My tan looks awesome, the moisture is retained in the skin, leaving a younger looking apperance. all the while protecting that beatiful tan. THE PRODUCTS ARE ALL NATURAL AND OF THE HIGHTEST QUALITY. OLIVE, COCONUT, THURAPUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS.


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